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About Superior A.R.T.

no better chance, no greater care...

...at Superior A.R.T., nothing expresses more clearly our commitment to helping people have healthy babies and complete their families.

As the leading centre with the most advanced Assisted Reproduction Technology Laboratories in South-East Asia, Superior A.R.T. has been established from the collaboration of Genea and a group of Thai experts in Infertility and IVF treatment. We would like to welcome you and make your experience with us as comfortable, simple and stress-free as possible. Through our pioneering science, together with professional care and support, you can be assured of our dedication at ever step.

This website has been designed to provide you with important information to help you better understand fertility, infertility and the treatments available for you at Superior A.R.T.

Once you've read through this site, you can discuss your fertility treatment options with us and take a tour of our clinic. Find out how to make an appointment.

Please be informed that Superior A.R.T. is not connected nor support any public relations, advertisings, or any other messages that implies the meaning that Superior A.R.T. is a service provider/seller; of donate oocytes, sperm, and embryos, of surrogacy and sex selection.

We give notice that anyone who infringes upon our logo & trademark through false advertising about services as above, and Superior A.R.T.’s activities, must remove such messages immediately. Any unauthorized action that causes damage to our company may give rise to legal action. 

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