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Research & innovation

Genea has the world best research and development program in IVF and PGD. The synergy of Genea latest technology with some of Thailand's finest infertility experts will provide a superior level of infertility and genetic treatment.

From the development and refinement of the Day 5 blastocyst transfer technology, through to our evaluation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, our research has increased IVF live birth rates generally and aims to considerably improve your chance of having a healthy baby through assisted conception.

Latest technologies

Here are some of the latest technologies in which our research and development has played a major part.



Our laboratories are the most modern in the world. We have developed mini-incubators that have revolutionised pregnancy rates. These incubators simulate the natural environment of human fallopian tubes by using low oxygen levels.

They also feature just the right amount of carbon dioxide needed to help embryos grow


Culture media

Inside these incubators, embryos are grown in a type of fluid called a culture medium. The quality of this culture medium is crucial to the success of an IVF cycle.

That's why we use the Genea-developed special culture media - which are now distributed to over 45 countries.


Blastocyst culture

We are the world-leaders in Day 5 blastocyst transfer, a technique that allows embryos to grow a little longer before being transferred back to the mother, letting us better determine which embryos have the most developmental potential. This has revolutionised IVF live birth rates.


Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

We are one of the few centres in Asia Pacific with facilities to perform pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) successfully. PGD allows us to choose which embryos will be transferred to the uterus based on the results of genetic tests, excluding those with an obvious genetic abnormality. The testing can increase both the chance of a genetically normal pregnancy and your chance of having a baby.


Frozen embryo storage

We are also able to offer you the chance to freeze any apparently healthy embryos left over from an IVF cycle. By freezing these embryos you have the chance to attempt pregnancy more than once after only one stimulated cycle.

Please note - not all unused embryos are suitable for freezing.

Superior A.R.T. employs the latest technology in embryo freezing. Vitrification is an alternative method to the traditional slow controlled rate freezing of blastocysts. Vitrification is an ultra-rapid cooling procedure which avoids damage to blastocyst cells caused by ice crystal formation. Using vitrification has increased the survival rate of frozen blastocysts and increased the pregnancy rate following embryo transfer of frozen embryos.

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