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Egg collection

Egg collection involves the aspiration or drainage of the fluid from the pre-ovulatory follicle. The procedure is carried out through the top of the vagina to either side of the cervix, and is guided by a transvaginal ultrasound.


Egg collections are fast and relatively non-invasive operations. At Superior A.R.T. we use a "light" general anaesthetic, it can be likened to a strong sedative. It invokes a minimal degree of muscle relaxation and loss of sensation, and breathing is maintained naturally, although a breathing mask is used to both administer oxygen when required, and to top up the sedation with a ‘gas' sedation if required.At Superior A.R.T. an anesthesiologist will give you the medicine and closely follow your progress.We use a short-acting intravenous anesthetic agent for the induction of general anesthesia; it has a rapid onset (about 40 seconds) and a short duration of action, allowing patients to wake up, recover, and return to baseline activities and diet sooner than some other sedation agents.

If required we use  a ‘vapor' or ‘gas' to maintain loss of consciousness during surgery when required, eg. where procedure is long or longer than expected. It is inhaled and is a fast-acting, non-irritating anaesthetic agent whose administration has been associated with a smooth, rapid loss of consciousness during inhalation induction and a rapid recovery following discontinuation of anaesthesia. 20081015172147_opu

The procedure

Following administration of the ‘light' general anaesthetic, the ovaries are scanned, just as they are during follicle tracking. The follicles are aspirated using a needle passed through the wall of the vagina beside the cervix and into the ovary. Your partner is not permitted in the theatre.
There's often a small amount of bleeding from the wall of the vagina. Other complications such as major bleeding, damage to an internal organ or infection are possible, but rare.
After the follicles have been emptied they often fill up again with fluid, so the feeling of fullness may return. Some women also complain of a cramping sensation for a few days following egg collection. This can be relieved with paracetamol (with or without codeine).
Side effects are often more marked after the procedure, as the hormone processes following ovulation persist, even though the eggs have been taken out. These side effects include mood changes as before, but also physical effects indicative of heightened ovulation such as pronounced abdominal swelling, breast tenderness and lower abdominal discomfort.


Egg preparation

Your Superior A.R.T. embryologist is located in the adjoining embryology laboratory. As the follicles are emptied the collected fluid is passed to the embryologist, who using a powerful microscope, begins locating and extracting the eggs, transferring them to special plastic dishes ready to be incubated.



After your procedure, we will take you to the recovery room. Your partner can be with you after you wake. Since you've had a light general anaesthesia, make arrangements for an adult to be responsible for you and to accompany you home. Do not plan to drive yourself or travel alone; it's unsafe to do so, no matter how well you feel. Be sure not to carry out any critical activities - such as driving a car, operating machinery, or signing important documents - for 24 hours from the time of your anaesthesia.
It is not usually necessary to take time off work on the days following the procedures, but if you feel that you need a medical certificate, you can discuss this with the nurses.
If the male partner has an PESA or TESA operation at the same time as the female partner has her egg pick-up, you will need a third person to take you home.
In the very unlikely event that further surgery is needed for your safety, Superior A.R.T. day surgeries are fully equipped to handle emergencies.

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