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Frozen embryos

After ovarian stimulation and egg pick-up, there are often more embryos than the one or two needed for transfer in that cycle. If there are healthy-looking embryos left over from the IVF cycle they may be placed in cryo-storage. By freezing these embryos, you have the chance to attempt pregnancy more than once after only one stimulated cycle. Note that not all unused embryos are suitable for freezing.

20081015172147_vitrificationAt Superior A.R.T. we use a method called vitrification to freeze and cryo-store embryos. Vitrification is an ultra-rapid cooling technique which allows embryos to be efficiently cryo-preserved without any damaging ice formation; therefore this method improves survival upon re-thawing.

Compared to conventional freezing, vitrification is cost-effective, time-effective, and shows significantly better results in terms of survival and pregnancy rates following thawing. Vitrification, used in conjunction with blastocyst culture and single embryo transfer, significantly improves the chance of a pregnancy from a single stimulation cycle while avoiding the complications of multiple pregnancies.

Vitrifying and storing embryos reduces the amount of hormone treatment you receive and also the number of times your ovaries are stimulated. Some people have two or three embryo transfers after just one stimulated cycle. Frozen embryo cycles involve either monitoring your menstrual cycle for ovulation and transferring the embryo at the right time or using sequential medication to mimic the hormones of a natural cycle.

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