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'Surrogacy' literally means 'help'.

In reproductive medicine it has come to mean a special kind of help; it's when a woman gets pregnant on behalf of someone who herself can't carry a pregnancy and have a baby. This is usually because the infertile woman has been born without a uterus or has had a hysterectomy.

Surrogacy means having IVF; it's expensive, and there are no Medicare rebates. The eggs from the infertile woman are fertilised with her own partner's sperm. A resulting embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the surrogate, who carries the pregnancy and gives birth to the baby.

Genetically it's the child of the infertile couple, but it is a child to whom the surrogate (the pregnancy and birth mother) may have an understandable and ongoing attachment.

Under Thailand law, the surrogate mother should be a relative of either the husband or wife. If you have any inquiry please contact E-mail :  Download a brochure - PDF (120k)

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