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Egg and sperm donation

For female patients who have no viable eggs at all, or male patients who have no sperm, the option of egg or sperm donation offers a chance to still have a child of their own.

Anonymous donation

Superior A.R.T. does not accept anonymous egg or sperm donors.
All donors must be known to the recipients; whether you've known them all your life or recruited them through a newspaper advertisement is not important - they just can't be anonymous. This is because Superior A.R.T. believes that everyone has the right to know their genetic heritage, and maintaining anonymity for donors prevents this.

Egg donation

Because of the intense hormone treatment required to collect eggs, egg donation is a serious step for anyone to consider.

Sometimes donors come from the community - women who have a family of their own and wish to share that joy with another. More often, the donor is known to the recipient - a friend, sister, or cousin. In either case, Superior A.R.T. requires that the donor and recipient couple undergo a process of implications counselling before the procedure begins.

The process begins by synchronising the menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient. The donor then undergoes a cycle of ovarian stimulation with the aim of producing as many eggs as possible.

As the donor reaches the point of ovulation, the recipient begins taking estrogen and progesterone to prepare the lining of her uterus (similar to a frozen cycle). The eggs are collected and fertilised with sperm from the recipient's partner. Resulting embryos are observed and the best chosen for transfer. Any other viable embryos are frozen for later attempts.

Sperm donation

As with donor eggs, sometimes donors come from the community, but more often the donor is known to the couple - a friend or relative. .Superior A.R.T. does not accept anonymous sperm donors.

Soon after egg collection the male donor will be asked to proceed to one of our collecting rooms. It is also possible to collect at home, if the donor lives within an hour of the lab. To ensure that the sperm is fresh we recommend ejaculation 2-3 days prior to collection and ejaculation should then be avoided until after the collection. Sperm can be frozen in advance of the day of egg collection if difficulties are anticipated.  The donors sperm is used to fertilize the collected eggs. Resulting embryos are observed and the best chosen for transfer. Any other viable embryos are frozen for later attempts.


Eggs and sperm, like most human tissues, can carry diseases. Donors should be tested for disease at the time of donation.

A negative test is not conclusive, as some diseases take many months to show up on blood tests. Therefore, sperm and fertilised eggs should be held in cryo-storage for six months. At the end of that time, the donor should be retested. If that test proves negative, the gametes are considered disease-free.

Some recipients choose to waive the quarantine period for eggs. In this case, Superior A.R.T. takes no responsibility for any diseases contracted by the recipient from the transferred eggs. By law, however, we must quarantine donated sperm for six months before using it to fertilise eggs.

Legal considerations

Firstly, it should be noted that it is illegal in Thailand to sell sperm or eggs (or any human tissue). Couples desperate for a child have been known to fall victim to unscrupulous people offering to sell eggs. While it is considered normal for recipients to cover their donor's expenses, if anyone you approach asks for payment beyond expenses, they should be avoided.

The second important point is about parentage. The law considers a woman who gives birth to a child to be the mother of that child. It further considers the partner of that woman to be the father of the child. Donors can be assured that they will be under no legal or financial obligation to the child, though Superior A.R.T. encourages recipients to include the donor in the child's life.

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