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Getting started at Superior A.R.T.

When you want to start treatment at Superior A.R.T. you can choose the pathway you prefer from amongst these options

  1. Be referred by your OB-GYN doctor to Superior A.R.T.
  2. Be referred by a Sydney IVF clinic in Australia. You would be referred to do the key steps of the laboratory procedure at Superior A.R.T. Your treatment would be coordinated between Sydney IVF and Superior A.R.T.
  3. Contact us directly to arrange an appointment with a Superior A.R.T. allied clinician

An appointment should be made to meet with our nurse coordinator. It is a good idea to coordinate this meeting with your menstrual cycle. A stimulated cycle begins on Day 19 after the beginning of your last period, so an interview between about Day 12 and Day 18 of the period would be ideal.

For appointments with our nurse coordinator please call Superior A.R.T. on +66 (0)2 660 1400 or send an email to

Informed consent

There are many things you must be aware of before starting assisted conception treatment, all of which cannot be detailed here. The general risks and hazards associated with assisted conception and IVF are reviewed thoroughly in a separate document (printed on pink paper so you'll recognise it).

Before you start treatment with Superior A.R.T. you must sign forms in which you confirm that you have read the consent forms yourselves.

It's important to us that you are comfortable with your treatment and that you decide to go ahead with it only on a fully informed basis. If you have questions or concerns, please raise them with your doctor or your nurse before you sign your forms.

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