They have a son with HbH/CS disease

Patient D, a 31-year-old Northern Thai woman whose son diagnosed with HbH/CS disease (–/-αCS) which requiring blood transfusion, came for the PGD assistance program. The patient and her husband wanted to have an Alpha Thalassemia free HLA matched baby to cure their affected son.

At Superior A.R.T. , after determining – she had a high ovarian reserve and normal uterine lining, the patient underwent a cycle of COS using a GnRH antagonist protocol.

Unfortunately, they had no matched embryo from 15 tested embryos in the first COS cycle. Two months later, in the second cycle, they got one carrier matched embryo from 11 biopsied embryos. Following embryo transfer, the hCG rose, fetal heart was detected, and she gave birth to a healthy boy in May 2019.

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