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Superior A.R.T. provides state-of- the art fertility and genetic treatments, procedures and testing. We place great emphasis on personalized care, in order to help patients both physically and emotionally, and to maximize outcomes.

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Success is the result of dedication. With our exceptional combination of medicine, science and technology. Superior A.R.T. provides patients with success rates equal to the world’s highest standards.


About Superior A.R.T.

Superior A.R.T. offers comprehensive fertility and genetic services in state-of-the art Assisted Reproduction Technology (A.R.T.) Laboratories in Bangkok Thailand. Superior A.R.T. was set up in 2007 by a group of leading Thai Infertility specialists, with collaboration from Australian world leading fertility and A.R.T. treatment providers, offering a level of experience, expertise, research, and professional care and support which made us the leading centre in Southeast Asia in overcoming the obstacles of infertility and fulfilling families dreams of a healthy baby.

We are committed to making your hope of parenthood come true.

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Egg Freezing FREEDOM Package

Egg Freezing FREEDOM Package that includes unlimited doctor consults, medications for COH, oocytes cryoperservation fee and cryostorage for 2 years

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ICSI Premium Package (PGT-A)

ICSI Premium Package with (PGT-A). The package includes pre-IVF initial Checkup, COH, ICSI, NGS and 1-Year Embryo Freezing


Global Methods of Sex Selection

Sex selection is used for medical reasons, or for non-medical reasons. . There are a variety of sex-selection methods, but which ones are effective, which are safe, which are reliable?