Social Egg Freezing

Social Egg Freezing – Freedom from the biological clock

Social Egg Freezing

Why Consider Social Egg Freezing?

You want to have children someday but are not at a point where you are able to, either due to career, relationships, and other life goals, or you have been diagnosed with a medical condition (eg. cancer) and are about to have treatment that may affect your fertility.

Women’s eggs have an expiry date. Around 40 years of age they will decline in number and quality quite rapidly, and will remain poor until menopause, after which they are unavailable.

By freezing you can maintain “younger” eggs for use when you are ready to have children.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is a process, following ovarian stimulation and surgical egg retrieval from the woman’s ovaries, of freezing the retrieved eggs using the latest Vitrification techniques. The eggs can be held in deep frozen storage and then thawed, fertilized, cultured and transferred to the woman’s uterus when she is ready. Egg freezing became a viable option several years ago with a breakthrough in the freezing and thawing technique called Vitrification, a technique that ultra-rapidly freezes the egg while preventing ice crystals forming in the eggs.

Egg Freezing Process

Social Egg Freezing

Success rates using Vitrified eggs?

Compared to eggs preserved by the older slow freezing process, vitrified eggs survive the thawing process almost 100% (slow freezing only 50-60%), and result in higher rates of post-warming survival, fertilization, embryo development and pregnancy rates.

A recent clinical study (Cobo 2008*) of 693 vitrified eggs;

  • 96.1% vitrified eggs survived the warming procedure
  • 73.1% of warmed eggs were fertilized
  • 63.2% pregnancy rate per transfer
  • 38.5% implantation rate per embryo

Pro’s of Social Egg Freezing?

  • Better Technology
  • Egg quality doesn’t diminish with your age
  • Reduced social stress that time is ticking away – freedom
  • Reduced worry if undergoing medical treatment that may affect fertility

Con’s of Social Egg Freezing?

  • Pregnancy not “guaranteed”
  • Requires medications, medical procedures, and anaesthesia
  • Cost